All scheduled classes through June will be transitioned to live-stream webinars. You will still be able to interact as if you were in the classroom!

Click here to go to the Live Stream schedule and registration.

Is the Arkansas Real Estate School still open?

Yes. We are still operating as usual. However, We are following the directives of the Arkansas Real Estate Commission. Our office is currently closed to meetings and gatherings, including in classroom classes. In order to provide to you the education you need, we have been temporarily approved to provide live-stream classes. To see updates on AREC concerning COVID restrictions, please visit their website at

What is “Live-Stream”? And how can I be a part of it?

Live-Streamed classes are just that. Live-streamed. It will be similar to facetiming on your phone only you will be with your class peers, instructor and moderator. While you can use your phone, we recommend using a PC or laptop as we will be screen sharing some of the materials. The setting will be just as if you are in the classroom, to ask questions and network, only at the convenience of your own home or office.
We are currently using Zoom as our platform.

When will you resume classes in the classroom?

We do not currently have a time line and are taking it a month at a time. When you look at the schedule, if it says “live stream” above the register button, it will definitely be live-streamed.

Shouldn’t I wait until the virus is over to register?

Since we do not have a solid timeline, we want to encourage you to keep reaching for your dreams. Our instructor has put together several materials, in addition to your normal handouts and text book, to assist you through this. You are always welcome to sit through class again to refresh before your exam. We hold classes monthly.

What about my application and exam eligibility deadline?

Please visit the AREC website for additional information and extensions on deadlines here:

Your school usually does the notary service and fingerprinting, will you still provide this to us?

As stated previously, we are under the governing directives of AREC and our office is closed to in office meetings.
Arkansas State Police are currently restricting this service to medical personnel. You may schedule your finger printing at for $10
You may get your application notarized at your local bank for free.